WMQTool is a multipurpose graphical tool used to administer Websphere MQ (earlier MQSeries) software from IBM Corporation. It is developed in J2SDK 1.4.1 and later. There are similar tools available but all of them lack one or the other feature which is specifically required to monitor all MQ stuff in your organization. This led the requirement of a complete tool, which provides all the necessary functionalities required in dealing with Websphere MQ.

WMQTool comes with lots of important features like Security, Clusters information, browsing and editing messages very efficiently, visual queue full indication etc. For security, you can selectively allow other users to perform certain tasks on certain queue managers ONLY!

This version is tested only on Windows platforms.

Please feel free to write me for any kind of bugs, suggestions, comments etc to my email id atul@niratul.com. Your support in this manner will definitely help me to make the tool more successful.

Atul Andharia


Note: MQSeries, WebSphere, WebSphere MQ and WebSphere MQ Integrator are trade marks of IBM Corporation. Java and other related software names are trade marks of Sun Microsystems.