You may want to set up the language of WMQTool according to your choice. To set up, select Tools/Select Language Fonts.

The default language is set to English-United States with Font Size set to 12 and Font Size (HTML) set to 4. Font Size (HTML) is used to set the size of the fonts where HTML code is used to display the text on some objects. Select your desired language Locale from the drop down.

Now select the appropriate fonts from the table and then click on 'Select' button. To set the default fonts and language, click on 'Set to default English fonts'.

All the text (words and sentences) displayed in the tool are provided in English. You may want to convert the text you want into the language you chose. To set up this, select 'Tools/Translate'. You will see the following screen.

Type the converted text on right column. You do not need to convert all the text. Not converted text will be displayed in English. Click on 'Save' button to permanently save your changes..